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Americas Region, Vice President Tim Freudenthal

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 2018 Group Floatplane

The 2019 May Newsletter edition here. NEW!!!

Altitude with Attitude since 1965 .....
Welcome to IFFR Americas.

We are a group of Rotarian aviation enthusiasts and pilots from five continents sharing the common interest of fellowship and service. 
Contacts: VP Tim Freudenthal;  Secretary Steve Henderson;  Newsletter Editor Tony Watson;  Webmaster Peter More

IFFR World Leadership
World President 2019
WPN George Ritchie 2022-2024, WPE George Chaffey 2020-2022,
WP Phil Pacey 2018-2020, PWP Svend Anderson 2016-2018,
PWP Mike Graves 2012-2014, PWP Peter More 2010-2012,
PWP Sam Bishop 2000-2002

NEWS updated 7/14/2019

The May 2019 Newsletter is here.  [click here]
Tour of the IFFR fleet here
IFFR members who are active in Rotary leadership.  See this impressive list, updated 3/24/2016.
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Am Flyer "We Are IFFR"
A video on who we are and what we do. 
Use it freely for Rotary Club presentation or recruitment. 
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Tucknott1 "Why Join IFFR"
Let Bob Tucknott convince you in 30 seconds.

Events: 2019
Note to Section Chairs: please provide details to Peter More and Tony Watson.

Banner South East Section
Sun & Fun, Lakeland Florida
April 2 to 7, 2019
Dinner on Friday 4/5
details here

Section Chair Contact: Rankin Whittington 

Congratulations and thanks to Mac Coble for "Showing the Flag" at Sun 'n Fun! Any Rotarian who got a glimpse of that flag would be excited about it, and non-Rotarian pilots might take an interest in Rotary!
Rankin, Southeast Section Chair

Madera South West Section
Madera Sunrise Rotary Fly In
Madera Airport, California

April 6, 2019,  8am - 11am
Details here.

Contact: Penelope Cornwall   or call 559-269-4511
SE spring 2019 South East Section
South East Seafood and Music Fly-In
Kure Beach, North Carolina Fly-In
Pilot's Ridge Aero Plantation 03NC
April 13, 2019
Report and pictures here
details here

Section Chair Contact: Rankin Whittington 
AOPA North East Section
AOPA FlyIn, Fredericks, MD
May 10 - 11, 2019
Contact: Dan Radtke 
Hamburg logo 2 R.I. Convention & House of Friendship
June 1-5, 2019
Hamburg, Germany

AGM and Banquet on June 3, 2019  details

Contact: Tim Freudenthal
Airbus Hamburg factory Banquet and Airbus Industries - Hamburg, Tour
June 4, 2019
Hamburg, Germany
details here

Contact: Tim Freudenthal
2019Flyaway Hamburg Post Hamburg Convention Fly Away
June 6 - 15, 2019

See www.iffr.org  
Contact: Tim Freudenthal
BlueAngels South East Section
The Great Tennessee Airshow Fly-In

June 8 & 9, 2019

Details here
Paul Lamb  
South West Section Fly In
AOPA in Livermore (LVK)

June 21 - 22, 2019

IFFR lunch 6/22, noon at a restaurant on the field.  Email Penelope and Bob below for details.
Book with: Penelope Cornwall and Bob Tucknott 
Clayton Plane Alaska Section
Fireweed (0AK8) Fly-In
July 12 - 14, 2019

Details here.  Direction here.
Al Clayton  
EAA North Central Section
Air Venture Fly-In
July 22 - 28, 2019  

Contact: John Ockenfels (primary); Tim Freudenthal
EAA North Central Section
Air Venture Rotary Lunch
July 24, 2019  noon  

Contact: John Ockenfels (primary); Tim Freudenthal
TX Balloon South Central Section Fly In
Great Texas Balloon Race
East Texas Regional (KGGG)

July 26 - 28, 2019

Contact: Jack Welge  
Nanaimo1 Northwest Section
Fly In to Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada (CYCD)
August 3, 2019
Contact:  Joyce Clark   
logo2019 South West Section
Join Portola/Norvino Rotorians for
a Pancake Breakfast Fly-In
to Beckworth Airport (O02)
September 8, 2019
details soon
Sign up with:
Penelope Cornwall and Sam Wilbanks woody5190@gmail.com
Hangar Hotel South Central Section Fly In
Lunch at the Airport Diner at the Hanger Hotel
Fredericksberg (T82)

September 14, 2019

Contact: Jack Welge  
Reno Airrace South West Section Fly In
Reno Air Race at Stead Airport (no fly-in)
Fly in airport Carson City or Reno

September 12 - 13, 2019
Limited Pit Wrist Band for IFFR members, Puliz BBQ on September 13. 
details here
Sign up with:
Penelope Cornwall   
Flabob1 South West Section Fly In
EAA in Flabob (KRIR)

September 21, 2019
details here

Contact: Penelope Cornwall   
AT6 South Central Section Fly In
Commemorative Air Force Wings Over Houston
Galveston (KGLS)

October 19 - 20, 2019

Contact: Jack Welge  
Pioneer Museum South Central Section
Wings & Wheels Fly-In
Pioneer Flight Museum, Kingsbury, Texas

November 9 - 10, 2019

Contact: Jack Welge  

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