International Fellowship of Flying Rotarians
Americas Region, President Larry Wolfsen

PDG Michael T. Graves, MD
IFFR Americas, Immediate Past President
IFFR World President 2012-2014

Michael is a second generation Rotarian and pilot. A native of southern California, he earned an AB from Harvard College and his MD from UCLA. He began flying a Cessna 150 in 1979 while serving as a Urology resident at the University of Iowa. After residency Dr. Graves used his Cessna 182 to commute between homes and hospitals in Raton and Las Vegas, New Mexico. He joined Rotary in Raton in 1982. He currently serves a large region as the only Urologist between Amarillo and Lubbock in the Texas panhandle. 

In 1985 Graves migrated to Plainview where he continued with Urologic surgery, flying and Rotary. His Rotary service flights into Mexico in the Aerostar were recognized when Michael was named District 5730 Rotarian of the Year in 1991-1992. He served as Plainview Club president in 1995-1996 and as District Governor in 2007-2008. Michael is the second of three generations of Paul Harris Fellows and a major donor to the Rotary Foundation. He led the District’s GSE team to India in 1995.

Graves joined IFFR at the Portland Convention in 1990, becoming a life member soon thereafter.  Michael has piloted aircraft over six continents. Crossing the equator four times, the arctic circle twice, he has flown his Aerostar to visit Rotarians in South America, France, New Zealand, Australia, and the northernmost Rotary Club in the World in Barrow, Alaska. Graves added a glider rating in 2005 and thereafter commercial and glider instructor certificates. He established a Texas state distance record with a 600km flight over three states in 2006. In 2010 Michael was awarded the US triple-diamond pin #998 for his soaring accomplishments. Graves prefers cross country soaring adventures of 7 hours duration, but is content to explore the Sierra wave at 28,000 feet or give basic instruction in Caprock Soaring club’s humble Schweitzer 2-33. Michael served as president of Caprock Soaring club from 2005 until 2011. 

Michael has four daughters, one son and two granddaughters. Music teacher Ann and restauranteur Chris are private pilots. Liz is shipwright preparing to enter Episcopal seminary.  Emily is an attorney, inventor and entrepreneur. After growing up in Plainview with Rotary Youth Exchange students in our home for many years, Ann (Hungary) and Emily (Argentina) each spent a year abroad as Rotary Exchange students.