International Fellowship of Flying Rotarians
Americas Region

Peter Shirley More

Peter More

IFFR Americas, Communication & Webmaster
IFFR World President 2010-2012

Peter served as club president in 2003-2004 for the Rotary Club of Westwood Village in Los Angeles.  Thereafter, he served as Assistant Governor for two terms.  IFFR responsibilities caught most of his attention first serving as South West Section Chair, Americas Vice President, World Webmaster for iffr.org, then IFFR World President in 2010-2012.      

Peter took his first flying lesson in 1970 at Palo Alto Airport.  It was not till 1996 that he became licensed with an IFR rating that followed shortly.  Peter and his wife Shirley enjoy taking the Piper Turbo Arrow on trips from their base in Santa Monica to Portland Maine, Toronto, Charleston South Carolina, San Antonio, Grants Pass, Sun River, Driggs, and many others.  Their most frequent destination is Oakland Airport for their visits to San Francisco.

Peter's first event as Southwest Section Chair, was a fly-in to Napa.  That weekend started with heavy rain and low visibility.  Every one drove in, hence we had the Napa Drive In.  In the years that followed, we had the Golden Gate fly-in to OAK to visit San Francisco and a Rotarian hosted tour of the USS Hornet.  Grand Canyon fly-in on a clear Friday only to find our planes covered in snow the next morning.  During that trip, we visited the Lockheed Constellation used by President Eisenhower then stationed at Valle Airport. We hosted numerous fly-ins for the AOPA West Coast Expos at Palm Springs and Long Beach.  Shirley and I hosted sixty IFFR members worldwide for a fellowship dinner at our home during the 2008 Rotary Convention in Los Angeles.  We had fly-ins to Watsonville to offer children and parents airplane ride over Santa Cruz.  

Peter is an Electronic Engineer and audio is his calling.  He served as chief engineer for Francis Ford Coppola's American Zoetrope Studio in San Francisco.  He was involved in the post production recording of Lucas' THX-1138 and American Graffitti, Coppola's Godfather, The Conversation and Godfather 2.  Peter was Director of Asia Pacific Operation for Altec Lansing Inc. before he started More Technologies Inc. in 1984.  More Technologies is a distributor of audio equipment to the motion picture and broadcast industry.

Peter and Shirley has three adult children, Jeff, Melanie and Ian plus grandson Jett, twin gransdaughters Mika and Lulu, granddaughter Liv, and twin grandchildren Alice and Tom.  WP Svend Andersen said Peter is now jett and twin rated.  After many years of active flying, Peter and Shirley unplugged their headsets and sold their Turbo Arrow in 2015.  N21PM was later purchased by a Rotarian couple in New Hampshire. 

Peter dedicate his time to his business, Rotary, IFFR, and time with the grandchildren.