International Fellowship of Flying Rotarians
Americas Region, President George Chaffey

Dan Radtke

IFFR Americas, North East Section Chair



Dan started his flying career by getting his private pilot’s license on his own while attending the Air Force Academy.  Subsequently he attended pilot training, earned his US Air Force Wings and went on to training as a GIB (Guy In The Back} and went to serve his first tour in the Viet Nam War at Ubon Royal Thai Airbase in Thailand.  After 70 North Viet Nam missions he returned to the states for upgrade to the front seat of the F4 and then returned to Korat Royal Thai Airbase for a second tour completing 370 combat missions.  The next assignment was to MacDill AFB in FL as a flight instructor with the 94th Tac Ftr Sq – the Hat-in-the Ring Squadron. 

Hi subsequent flying included being a flight engineer and co-pilot on the B-727 and co-pilot on the DC-9 with Eastern Airlines until their demise.  He then transitioned into a real estate sales career while satisfying his flying appetite by participating with charitable organizations such as Mercy Medical Airlift flying a C-421 and a Bonanza A36, both medically equipped aircraft.  He keeps his CFII certificates current and enjoys sharing his experiences and experiences with other aviation activities.  He has served on the Manassas Regional Airport Commission for the past 22 years and as its chairman for the past ten years.  His most enjoyable experience has been to teach his son to fly who is now a Captain with Netjets flying the Cessna Excel.